Major RRS Victory and more coming

We were removed from youtube a few days ago.

Welcome to my world: (please subscribe to our youtube channel in support)

Welcome us back, congratulate us, comment in this thread!

Those who know me well know I am generally not cocky (I do try to be modest), but after all that I have accomplished over the last 5 days, I can state with accuracy that those who claim I am the man, are in fact accurate. I am unable to discuss the conditions in which we have been returned to youtube (for now). So don't expect an answer there.

Furthermore other huge developments are underway, behind closed doors right now. These details are also confidential. I apologize. I promise you there is even more great news too.

And for those who think the RRS is too angry or some such, here is my favorite quote of the day, quoted with permission after a phone call I hadtoday with Ellen Johnson, President of American Atheists.

"I want you to be 100 times angrier than you are now, I think the anger is great. The squeeky wheel gets the grease, and you're getting the grease" - Ellen Johnson of American Atheists on Brian Sapient

Oh and just to spite those shitheads who try to diminsh our worth by claiming we ask for money (yeah, sue me, I'm self employed, bitches) please feel free to donate to my superior manhood here. I will continue to fight with truth and reason on my side, and I will continue to remain victorious. This is an important message, atheists will not be silenced.

Our recent activity lets all theists know, that actions like these will not be tolerated and will be met with swift response. A special thanks to Hambydamnit who has agreed to pay for our armed security guard to accompany us at the upcoming convention.

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Well done. Stay angry.  

Well done.

Stay angry.