Letter to CSE video by Johnbach

John Bach created a music video to go along with eddygoombah's Letter to the CSE.

DESCRIPTION FROM JOHNBACH: I liked this new song by Eddygoombah, so I got his permission to make a video from it. It's a bit rougher than some of my videos, but I hope you'll like it.

RabidApe's account was suspended because he posted a few photos of Kent Hovind in a HILARIOUS parody video. Hovind had clearly given his videos over to public domain (some youtubers have found video clips of him saying so and posted them). If this trend continues, it may be impossible to show a public figure without snapping the photo yourself and obtaining a release in order to satisfy Youtube. This is of course against basic fair use. Fair Use allows parody and educational/political use of materials, especially if they are short in duration.

I found a perfectly usable picture which was under the Creative Commons license (attribution with permission to derive) on Wikipedia and included it in this video, sort of flapping around a bit.

The video of RabidApe is from his website.

Please support free speech and repost this as often as you like. I'm giving my video work over to Creative Commons (derive, use any which way you like, with attribution).

Talk to Eddy Goombah if you want rights to use his song. [EDIT FROM SAPIENT: Eddy is ok with you using his songs, just don't make money on it... or see him to give him lots of money to use it in your next movie!]

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