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Everyone here loves bacon, I'm sure.  If you don't, you're not human and must be destroyed immediately (unless you're Muslim, Islamic or Jewish; you just have to be shown the error of your ways, in that case).  Bacon is one of those foods that goes well with pretty much anything; ice cream, waffles, donuts, cupcakes, chips, toothpaste...ok, maybe not toothpaste, but it still exists.  There is a bacon craze in this nation so bad that everyone is experimenting with new ways to infuse it with their favorite foods; some are a good idea, but most aren't.  Hence, the latest concoction to try and monopolize on the idea brought to you by a staple that needs no introduction in the fast food industry; Jack-In-The-Box.


I was a little surprised that JITB made the first move regarding this tasty breakfast treat because they aren't really known for doing something this crazy; we leave that to the likes of McDonald's, Burger King and Taco Bell.  Of course, they have threw me for a loop before with their "Jumbaco" campaign in late 2011 (two tacos in between a Jumbo Jack; was swiftly nixed) and their disturbingly good pumpkin pie shake AKA sugar coma on steroids.  Once more, they are shaking things up, and I mean that both ways, with the all new "bacon shake."


Now, the reason bacon goes well with just about anything is because of it's salty-sweet flavor and complex aroma that seems to be absorbed by anything it's combined with.  The problem, however, with a milkshake is found in the first part of the word; MILK.  Every single experiment I've seen with bacon infusion was baked, fried or used as a seasoning.  Bacon ice cream for example is just plain disgusting because of it's reliance on dairy products.  It's no different with a milkshake because the same outcome occurs; the gruesome clash of the taste buds and an angry stomach.  The review I linked says, in a nutshell, that the bacon shake is just plain repulsive and has a weird aftertaste that was described as "smoky."  Not appealing in the slightest, if you ask me.  If the review didn't convince you enough to not try this shit, consider this; IT'S NOT EVEN REAL BACON THEY'RE USING.  It's a syrup flavoring to give the mere illusion of bacon.  I mean, come on, if you're going to go for the strange and unusual, go the extra mile, folks.  Why half-ass something like this?  People will find out and they will demonize your frosty frankenstein.  All in all, shame on you, JITB; you could have become pioneers of something truly epic, but you have FAILED US ALL.   

"When the majority believes in what is false, the truth becomes a quest." - Me

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