Just a tad taxing

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I spent two and a half hours teaching a song to 100 students this afternoon. It was difficult. I tell no lie. Difficult both for me and for the 100, but we got through it - halfway. A bit rough for a first rehearsal. I must give credit to the kids for lasting the whole time without a break.

One of my sisters had gone to visit my uncle in the hospital, only to find out he was released yesterday. Actually, the people at the hospital had no record of his staying there at all. My sister called me and asked me to call my aunt to find out where he was. She didn't want to worry my aunt by telling her she had been to the hospital. My aunt wanted to put my uncle on the phone with me, but I was due to start the rehearsal. I will call them in the morning.

I smoked half a pack of cigarettes, but that is less than I usually smoke, so I guess I could count that as a victory of sorts. I used to smoke between one and two packs a day.