Just like a spare tire?

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What happened when a man lost his faith?

Most people will say that he will become an atheist. Others will say he will just look for a new religion. These frequent answers are the reason why most people think that atheism is a religion and that all atheists are a bunch of angry, cynical theists who just hate God.

I really don’t think that a person angry with his religion or angry at god is automatically considered as an atheist. There are a lot of ways to handle such anger other than going to non-belief. Heck! This is just a reason a Christian believer would like to happen. You know, angry theists are very easily to be converted or re-converted.

A lot of Christian believers these days claim to be an atheist once. I always encounter such claims. But if you would ask these claimants, what will be reveled is not atheism but a case of being an anti-theist. Most says that the reason they became an atheist is that God didn’t answer their prayers. Is that a good reason to lose your god belief? If so, then atheism must be the fastest growing religion hahahaha!

So you think because your dog died after your girl friend dump you last Friday night is a sufficient reason to become an atheist? There are better causes to be an atheist than unanswered prayers and chains of bad luck. Atheists became atheist because they saw all the illogical reasons of god belief. This is not mere hostility towards a lost faith. This is not mere contempt. They stop believing in faith because they became rational.

You see, it’s really hard to be an atheist. First, you feel rejected by majority of society. Second, you gave up all the false hope of being resurrected again after you died. That’s a large thing to put money on. So a mere reason of unanswered prayers and bad lucks are insufficient compare to what you think you will lose. Are you ready for that?

So do you still think that this is just about being angry?