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We'll be making an attempt to keep our webcam chat room open 24/7. Come for live conversation and impromptu shows. We now record material on a daily basis and sometimes within minutes of being alerted to irrational emergencies. Since Kelly, Sapient, and Rook have all moved in together, response time to emergencies has been reduced ten fold. This week alone we've recorded 8 hours of material... LIVE and UNCUT available soon for download to all paying subscribers. This new show style allows us to be more relevant about current events, which has led us to focus on the movie SICKO over the last week. Join our chat room on most evenings for live exchanges. We now are able to integrate more of our listeners in to the show, so if you'd like to be on the show to discuss any issue at all, just wait for us to be live and ask if we have the time. We are always ready to press the record button. If you have a story about health care (positive OR negative), please visit our chat room soon. We'll be live this Friday with discussion at 9 pm est.

Subscribers, we apologize if you are still waiting to receive your badge above your name. We will rectify the issue as soon as possible, please continue to be as patient as you already have been. In order to make sure you all are up to date on your downloads of the show, we have created a brand new forum on the message board specifically to paying customers. We hope you find this level of access to our archives more available than our previous method of email. We will now be offering you much more downloadable material (over twice as much), however please understand that it might take some time to upload the files and make them available (potentially weeks).

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