Fucking spammers...

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4 pages of this shit. lol. So glad for the approval cue.

Fucking spammers...

 Thanks for the time you

 Thanks for the time you spend.  I spend at least 20 minutes a day removing spam on the various sites we have.

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Thanks for greating rid of

Thanks for greating rid of all that garbage.

I hate it when they make their way in here.

Fortunately, they are no sooner on than gone.

Just the way that I like it.

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I appreciate how the use the

I appreciate how the use the same subject lines over and over. I don't have to read all of then to know which to delete.

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I can honestly say it seem to be increasing . . .

  I feel your pain, I often catch spammers (at the off hours they are dumping bogus threads). And I can say I have noticed an increase, it is hard to miss from only about 3-4 months ago. Oh, Scary-Looney Sock-Puppet I even noticed just this day. There are those rare moments when they bring up old threads, not appreciable to anyone with the task of having to deal with spam. We dont realize the pain it is. Sounds stupid, I though it would be funny if programmers were to make a game out of it, I'd envision the old old early Space Invaders type of vintage 'blasting' threads with scattered remains and then nothing, but that would be an GUI interface I havent seen for forums. Nice thought



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 With 'human testing' on

 With 'human testing' on sign up, you really shouldn't have spam like this. I fear you have some security vulnerabilities in your site.


Are the spammers newly created users, or hijacked existing accounts (may indicate weak password policy)

If new, it might indicate security vulnerabilities such as cross site scripting.. The type of information being created seems autogenerated rather than real people creating accounts. 

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None of these posters have

None of these posters have accounts. You can post here when not signed in, but a mod has to authorise the post from a queue before others see it. I was cleaning the spam out of the queue.

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 Ah, but what about the new

 Ah, but what about the new threads that are obv spam? I'm seeing at least 10 of these a day..

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That's a different question,

That's a different question, I don't know. But it's not all that hard to get past captcha type systems these days. I see it on every forum I go to. More popular the forum, the more spam.

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GodsUseForAMosquito wrote:

 Ah, but what about the new threads that are obv spam? I'm seeing at least 10 of these a day..

The ones that get through are annoying, true enough. But at least the mods get rid of them rather quickly.