Are you washed in the Blood?

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I uploaded this image to Facebook on a couple of Atheist themed pages I frequent.

The response was as expected. Most focused on the picture itself (angry vegans)

Some berated the fact that I didn't 'get it' because the Hymn was meant to be metaphoric. The same people who object to me referring to Christianity as a 'blood cult'.

A few got the intended point.

When I was a child, we raised and slaughtered animals for food. I grew up knowing what a 'bloodbath' would entail, and since at that time I attended Pentecostal and Baptist churches, that particular song was quite popular. It geeked me out.

I think my question to those who only view it as a metaphor would be, why THAT imagery? Is pretending to savagery in a metaphoric blood bath or vampiric / cannibalistic really ethically better than participating in the real thing?

Are you washed in the Blood?
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 Assume you meant "Theist

 Assume you meant "Theist themed pages I frequent", not Atheist.

The picture is worth a thousand words.


What are the sights you visit?

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 The picture made me hungry.

 The picture made me hungry.

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Beyond Saving wrote: The

Beyond Saving wrote:

 The picture made me hungry.


Lamb is the yummy.  I should go buy a leg from one of them and see about having friends for dinner again some time.  Because lamb is the yummy.

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 I'm missing something in

 I'm missing something in the hymn. How can ones garments be spotless and white as snow, while at the same time you are "washed in the blood of the lamb"? You can kill a lamb without getting the blood on your garments if you're careful, but then you aren't washed. Seems about as incoherent as the rest of the religion to me.


The ritual slaughter of food, which makes sense in ancient times when food is scarce and slaughtering an animal for food was an important event for the family/town. Even today in many tribal areas of the world, the killing of an animal is a cause for celebration and ritual since it means the tribe gets to survive and eat well for awhile. The hymn sounds to me like an attempt to assimilate existing customs into Christianity.  

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"Metaphor" the cop out of

"Metaphor" the cop out of champions.