I bought my winter gift to myself...

Do you do that?  Do you buy yourself a gift during the Christmas season and call it a Solstice gift or a Saturnalia gift?  Whatever you call it... do you do it?  And if so, what are you getting for yourself this year? 

I haven't bought any new books in a while, and decided to get a few good deals off my wish list.  I was able to buy books used for a huge discount.  Check these deals out...

What Evolution Is
Ernst Mayr; Paperback; $5.05

Margaret W. Matlin; Hardcover; $8.61

Philosophy for Dummies
Tom Morris; Paperback; $3.99

Evolution: The Remarkable History of a Scientific Theory (Modern Library Chronicles)
Edward J. Larson; Paperback; $6.23

The Assault on Reason
Al Gore; Hardcover; $4.10

Douglas J. Futuyma; Hardcover; $3.84

The Skeptic's Dictionary: A Collection of Strange Beliefs, Amusing Deceptions, and Dangerous Delusions
Robert Todd Carroll; Paperback; $0.65


It's been almost a year since someone bought one of the items on my wishlist for me.  If you'd like to buy me a Christmas gift you can view the list here and when you purchase an item it'll know my address to send it to.  I don't get a message saying who bought the item, so if you buy something for me please let me know, so I can thank you.  Anyway, I'm just thrilled to be getting the books I got, and at the prices I got.  It was your donations that paid for these, so I really appreciate everyone who recently contributed; thank you.


In unrelated news, part of my ceiling collapsed before I went to Utah over the weekend.  I spent two hours on the roof today, cleaned the gutters, and caulked some roof areas, and I think it's fixed.  It's been raining for 3 hours and no leak. 


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Well, one day is much like

Well, one day is much like another day. Really, since I do not feel that I am part of something that makes a big deal about winter, then why bother?


That much said, I did feel kind of “winter giftish” a couple of years ago when I bought some serious musical gear in december. Skipping the details, what I ended up with was an Hartke HA5500 500 watt amp and a Genz-Benz NEOX 2X12 cab.  The two items on the bottom left in this pic:


NoMoreCrazyPeople wrote:
Never ever did I say enything about free, I said "free."


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 If you're thinking of

Yes, please!


If you're thinking of buying a winter gift for yourself consider, for a moment, buying this for me instead.


I'm sure the warm feeling you get would outweight the buyers remorse.

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As much as I hate Houston

As much as I hate Houston itself, I must admit that Half-Price Books is just about my favorite place in the world.  Great books at great prices.  Heart