I am not perfect, nor is anyone else.

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I am not perfect, nor is anyone else.


In the past few months, I have paid my rent a bit late twice and had my check bounce twice. So this month, I knew for a fact that I was going to actually see my landlord on the first of the month and there is plenty of money in my account. Well gee whiz...


In fact, my landlord is my GF's father and I saw him in the context of him dropping her off after her brother's birthday party. So I had the check written and handed it to him. If nothing else, I should get points for the act of contrition.


Of course the real world is never simple enough to actually make sense.


My landlord used my rent check as a book mark. Then he returned it to the library.


I tend to think that my bank has probably heard everything by now. Heck but every time I use an ATM, I stand informed of the fact that they have existed for 168 years and have enjoyed zero bailouts. Yah, that is important to the economy in general but fails as far as humor goes.


Even so, this one made the guy on the phone remark that this is one that has never happened before.


The new ATM message needs to be: 168 years, 0 bailouts, exactly 1 rent check used as a bookmark and returned to the library.

NoMoreCrazyPeople wrote:
Never ever did I say enything about free, I said "free."


 I thought this post was

 I thought this post was going to be a spoof about Bishop Eddie Long who said "I am not perfect" as a way of saying he did not molest boys.


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Those bounced checks must

Those bounced checks must have been awkward.


Everything makes more sense now that I've stopped believing.