I've spent a few days

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I've spent a few days enjoying various atheist sites and blogs. It has been difficult to do much of this in my current situation, but I hope to continue for the next couple of weeks at least. The RSS is proving to be a good place to visit, but I have grown tired of arguing with theists, at least considering how much I was doing it a year ago (on a different site, and under a different name.) Still, I think if I had a more stable life situation I think I would be much more engaged and engaging.

Still, I have hopes that this year will bring some stability my way (a decent job would be a start.) I have some catching up to do both personally and on line.

I hope things start to work

I hope things start to work out for you.


Everything makes more sense now that I've stopped believing.

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Every honest job is a decent

Every honest job is a decent one. I think the CEOs of big banks, drug and insurance companies  need a lesson on what "decent" is.

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Thank you...

Thanks for your well wishes, and yes, Brian, every honest job is a decent one. I should have said "well paying and steady" job, as opposed to the (sometimes) well paying, but sadly NOT steady (seasonal or temporary) jobs I've been getting.