Hiatus Over?

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Well, I'm thinking that it's about time to return to the grind here. Sorry, I was suffering from massive drama overload both in my real life and online. Anyway, Vox Day has been on my mind so expect the next installment within a few days. I assume his cronies have already declared victory due to my extended absence, but rest assured that whether anybody likes it or not, I will complete this project if only because I have committed to it and abandoning it would be a concession of defeat in the eyes of his fanboys. That and the fact that there's an incredible amount of material waiting for a refutation. So, if anybody missed me--I'm back. If you didn't miss me, .

Also, I semi-announced this on the boards, but the magazine SheVibe, which is totally NSFW, is currently working on a full-size poster of me which I expect to be totally hawt, so when I have more info on it, I'll be letting you people know. For an idea of what it will be like, check out their Eye Candi or magazine covers sections of their site. (Although, going by what they're saying about it, it should be infinitely cooler. Laughing out loud )

ETA: In much more interesting news, while perusing the aforementioned SheVibe site, I found this story, interesting mostly because of proximity, of a pair of Bucks County, PA mothers who allegedly got their MILF on with the attendees of a slumber party of one of the women's son's. Wow, Pennsylvania's getting nuts.

Atheist Books

Awesome.Now to go back and


Now to go back and reread the past articles in this series...

Come to think of it I was first turned on to this site when disinfo.com posted a link to one of the first two installments.


"'My dear,' Madame Delbene replied, 'the universe runs itself, and the eternal laws inherent in Nature suffice, without any first cause or prime mover, to produce all that is and all that we know; the perpetual movement of matter explains everything: why need we supply a motor to that which is ever in motion? The universe is an assemblage of unlike entities which act and react mutually and successively with and against each other; I discern no start, no finish, no fixed boundaries, this universe I see only as an incessant passing from one state into another, and within it only particular beings which forever change shape and form, but I acknowledge no universal cause behind and distinct from the universe and which gives it existence and which procures the modifications in the particular beings composing it... the absolute contrary holds... We need not fret if we find nothing to substitute for chimeras, and above all let us never accept as cause for what we do not comprehend something else we comprehend even less." - Marquis de Sade, Juliette, pg. 43.

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Your boobs, I mean blogs,

Your boobs, I mean blogs, have been sorely missed. Hope all is becoming well again. Later bator.

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Well, Since You're Back...

I was wondering, what do you think about the Ninth Court of Appeals ruling that should come out in the next ten days regarding the constitutionality of "Under God" in the pledge?

"Life Is Far Too Important A Thing Ever To Talk Seriously About" Oscar Wilde

Wasn't that just tacked on anyway?

I hope the "under god" part gets cut out.  Although I'm pretty sure that would be a job for the legislature.

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I suspect that the court

I suspect that the court will either weasel out of it by invoking some technicality or else it will invoke "ceremonial deism".

However, any seeming endorsement of a de facto Church of God the American will make the theocrats happy, no matter how grossly blasphemous it is, no matter how much it involves taking God's name in vain.

Some of these characters think that it's a no-no to say exclamations like "Oh my God!" because that's taking God's name in vain. That "ceremonial deism" is much the same thing does not seem to bother them very much.

But the the Court rules against it, or rules that stuff like "under God" is purely optional, then the right-wingers will howl about "judicial activism."

In any case, that "under God" bit was added in the 1950's, during the Cold War against Godless Communism.

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Actually, I've heard that several of the judges presiding over this case have been sympathetic in the past.

"Life Is Far Too Important A Thing Ever To Talk Seriously About" Oscar Wilde

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Good to have you back!I'm

Good to have you back!

I'm sure that your poster will be awesome!