Guys and Dolls

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In these days of political correctness, it is considered anathema to suggest that there are more differences between males and females than just genitalia. The field of evolutionary psychology has been criticized heavily for every hypothesis that supports such a contention.

Look to a children's show for depicting some obvious behavioural differences between the sexes.

In one episode of The Backyardigans, the three male characters were engaged in play where they were pretending to be heroes in Hawaii. They called themselves "the Luau Brothers" and were enjoying the beach and the sands when they heard something coming from a nearby cave. Inside they encountered the two females, who had dubbed themselves "the Volcano sisters".

The "sisters" informed the "brothers" that they wanted something. "We know what we want. And we know what we don't want. So bring us what we want!"

The brothers asked what it was that they wanted, but the sisters refused to give them that information. The brothers made several guesses and attempted to gain some clue as to what the sisters wanted, but the sisters told them there would be no hints.

Everytime that the brothers brought something to them, they threw it back and said, "that's not what we wanted!" Then they would get extremely angry and demand that the brothers bring them what they want. This would be followed by a loud roar in which the sisters would scream about being mad.

Come on girls, just tell us what you want and we will take care of it!

My own personal observations: look at clothing. When you walk into a store, you see all sorts of frills. The difference in the time it takes for a guy to get dressed and the time for a gal has been the subject of many comedy skits, plays, movies, and television sitcoms.

It's often said that the children are conditioned to behave differently based upon their gender. However, it doesn't take a scientific genius to figure out that this idea doesn't hold up under scrutiny. While environmental factors cannot be wholly excluded, there are obviously some manner of genetic factors that give rise to such patterns.

If you ask any mother of both a boy and a girl, from early infancy and into toddlerhood, there are many distinctions between the sexes.

It is useful to know what these behavioural differences are and from whence they arrived. It is not some form of bigotry or bias to state that such difference exists, nor that they have a genetic and evolutionary basis.

Men like to relax. We have, from early tribal times, been conditioned to undergo a great deal of physical stress in order to provide for the women and the tribe. Women were sanctified in early times as the givers of life. Goddesses did not need to labor hard, thus giving them plenty of time to stress over details. Agriculture brought on paternalism, and women were given a lesser status as property. Property doesn't work. It merely gets used. Thus, women were given the opportunity to stress out over how they were used.

From an evolutionary standpoint, we can conclude that women are genetically inclined towards mental stress, and men are designed for physical stress.

In this day and age, such things do not work well. Women often perform physical labour, and many men are busy doing mental work. Yet the genetic paradigms continue to dominate.

Perhaps such observations can at least make it easier for the two genders to get along peacefully. Women should give men a break and stop overdramatizing, and men can quit telling women to stop worrying about everything.

And, if we quit trying to be politically correct and accept that evolution has produced dramatic differences between us, maybe we can even finally be able to learn something.

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