Grocery store incident

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There was a minor incident at a local grocery store here recently.

As the Hallows Eve holiday approaches, people are beginning to hold costume parties and wear their costumes around town. As he was returning from one such affair, one consumer stopped off to pick up a few groceries. Instead he was forced to submit to the illiberality of a store employee.

He was told to leave because of his costume, which the employee did not like.

Now, mind you, I learned of this from second-hand sources, so I can only roughly imagine how events transpired. However, were such a thing to happen to me, I know that I would have demanded an audience with the management.

Whilst I wholly support the right of private establishments to refuse service, I must question the ethics of the people who exercise this right in a biased manner. To enforce specific prejudices is simply not good business, neither is it ethically sound. Moral prejudices are the only prejudices that continue to be considered acceptable, mainly because there have been cases in the courts regarding them.

A boycott of the chain of stores might at least bring attention to the matter. However, it is not extremely viable here. Perhaps others will come up with a way to fight against this discrimination.

I am become death, destroyer of worlds

That’s it I'm getting a

That’s it I'm getting a camera and going around in a Pimp Jesus(c) costume. It'll have to be next year though... I don't have many atheist friends around here to hold the camera nor the camera.

Grocery Store Dude: Hey your costume is interesting what is it?

Me: Oh I'm a pimp during 32 A.D. who can turn water to wine. Why?

Grocery Store Dude: GET OUT!!!!

Me: Fine I'll buy my cheap condoms else where!


Me: to the camera Well that was store 3, on to the next one.

I think I'll learn how to do that water to wine trick for this thing. I mean come on that would be just the right touch don't you think?

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That would make a funny

That would make a funny video for especially if you learn to do the water to wine trick.

Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful. - Seneca

I just hope no one asks to

I just hope no one asks to taste it...

I know Penn and Teller do their stuff for a living and all, but I think I can figure out one trick within a year Eye-wink