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My apologies in advance if what I'm talking about isn't as clear as you'd all like, but I'm a little groggy from having a very interestingly awesome night so, sorry if this entry might seem kind of rambled and jumbled.  I wasn't sure what to write for my first blog, but then it occured to me that I had a good topic and I have my girlfriend to thank because it's been her constant bitching and complaints about her job that inspired me. 


We all have jobs that we can't stand and jobs we can't help but be unfulfilled with.  Sometimes, we're just forced to suck it up and take the first opportunity that arises.  My girlfriend landed a decent job that paid a few bucks above minimum wage, but it was something I could never envision myself doing in a hundred years; caregiving for the mentally retarded.  Yes, I said "retarded" and I don't give a fuck about that politically correct horseshit.  So, you're all probably thinking "hey, what's so bad about that job?  Yeah, it might be gross, but it's easy!"  I'm getting to why this particular home that my significant other works in is such a crock.


See, I could name the organization where she works, but I won't for various reasons, but I guess the main reason is because she's involved in some legal disputes right now and it wouldn't look good for her.  Let's just call them "GS" for short. 


Let's get right down to brass tacks.  GS is a bad place to work if you aren't openly religious, ignore policies and kiss ass to the point where your lips are chapped.  This might be across the board with every Christian-based group home organization, but keep in mind all information being discussed is from what I know after a little research and from what my girlfriend has divulged about her grievances.  Oh, she's a Christian by the way, and despises just about everyone involved at GS.  Loves her clients, but hates the company. 


GS is a non-profit Christian group that is based in an area in California and has recently been gobbled up by a large Lutheran-based group home to assimilate into their collective like one giant Borg cube.  The thing about GS being non-profit that rubs me the wrong way is that they're probably tax exempt based solely on the grounds that they ARE a non-profit religious organization (*cough* another way of saying "church!" *cough*).  How is that fair to, say, state funded centers or hospitals that have their employees do almost exactly the same job, but don't reap the same benefits, whatever they may be, because they aren't recognized as Christian or the like?  It is in horrendously bad taste and a de-evolvement in modern business practices.  GS basically employs everyone on a don't-ask-don't-tell policy that seems congruent with military guidelines.  The house that my girlfriend works in has about two or three lesbian employees and a few unwed tramp mothers that could give a fuck about their job or the six clients involved, one dying sadly.  All of the homes in my town have six clients to them.  Each has activities and objectives to work on and there's usually a one-on-one between an employee and the client weekly to work on developing what coherancy they have remaining.  Here's where it gets sticky. 


Their statement is about as Christian as it gets:

  • GS's mission - To enhance the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through services that share the good news of Jesus Christ.
  • Christ is preeminent in all that we do.
  • All people are inherently valuable to God and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Our Lutheran organizational identity guides our services and enriches our relationships.
  • Christian stewardship of all our resources is expected of everyone.
  • Fun and fellowship in the workplace are encouraged.


This is mainly their religious guidelines, but the others are pretty standard droning bullshit that most companies have.  So, the first thing is educating their clients through the "good news" of Jesus.  How is anything that Jesus said going to help a mentally retarded person cope?  Shit, higher functioning retards have trouble telling their feet from their hands.  Give them a ball or a coloring book and they'll smile for days.  They don't need to read about a fictional man in a robe going around giving people metaphoric blow jobs to make them feel better. 


Apparently, every decision that GS makes revolves around Christ.  This includes disorderly conduct, etc.  I assume that if you're gay that you'll be reprimanded and asked to leave, right?  I mean, it's in Christ's teachings.  The Bible cleary states that homosexuality is a sin so, why would they bother employing openly gay individuals?  The truth?  They're hypocrites.  As long as the people that they hire can take orders without any objections or questions, they'll hire Richard Simmons in a tutu if they want.  Most of the people working for GS are really dumb and only want money.  They don't care about procedures or questioning authority.  My girlfriend is the only one that gives a fuck enough to step in and confront people or correct her dumb-as-bricks boss.  On more than one occassion, her boss has tried to force her to take the clients to church during the week and under their rules and regulations there is a clause that states that they cannot force any employee to attend church if it interferes with their beliefs (she believes in God, but dislikes church a great deal).  How does that make any sense?  I'm sure it's for legal discrimination reasons, but seriously, each company location is usually set in a god fearing place where each corporate employee is designated to handle the ways in which each home conducts it's activities and caregivers.  Doesn't that clause go against their mission statement?  You're Christian based.  As ridiculous as that is to begin with, act like it.    


The other goals of GS are pretty wishy-washy and they encourage every employee to treat each other with courtesy, respect and fellowship.  They replace "understanding" with "fellowship" to give it a more Christian feeling.  How cute and naive.  Stop beating about the bush and cut the religious-based nonsense.  You can't postulate the idea that mentally retarded people will gain a better grasp of anything or achieve a greater feeling for life through a book written by psychotic men back when the only pharmaceutical cure consisted of either stoning or chiseling a nail into your skull. 


Ultimately, the fact that companies like these exist is really a sign that America is still deadlocked in terms of what we can't accomplish without religion lending a hand.  The reality is that religion is business and business is religion.  It's always been like this.  Using the mentally retarded as a 'scape goat to get people to contribute money and items to further advance your beliefs is not only wrong; it's criminal.


"When the majority believes in what is false, the truth becomes a quest." - Me

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Well, I am not sure

Well, I am not sure what I can tell you apart from the fact that you are not alone in your concerns. The fact is that sometimes, one is going to be a bit of an outsider to any given community and then you have to just do the best that you can do.


That does not mean “suck it up or leave” though. What it means really is do a great job during the time that you are there and hope that you make the right impression on the people whom you deal with.


As an example, I get the impression that the majority of the RRS are fairly soft core atheists bordering on agnosticism. Yet that is not me. I start from the point of Nihilism. Nothing exists. Prove otherwise or it is not worth paying any mind to. You can read my posts here and decide for yourself if you can accept what I say.


As a further example, I am a conservative republican. Did you know that religion is not identical to politics? Nor is it identical to science. Oddly enough, Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president and an atheist (a soft one though) and Charles Darwin was a biblical literalist despite being the poster boy for everything that literalism today is opposed to.


If that is not enough, I am a psychiatric social worker who is surrounded by liberal democrats. So I can have some sympathy to where you might be at, if from the other side of the aisle. Because I am a free thinker, I am not restricted to crap literature like the stuff that puts out.


I regularly jump into open discussions among my coworkers and drop bits that force them to think. Then it happens that if I succeed in challenging them to think about stuff, that I get them to agree with me.


Failing that, I can shut down lines of thought that amount to “you must not miss this vote because it is socially relevant” that amount to ordering people to vote as they are told to do. For some reason, the democrats seem to like that idea. So did Stalin. So did Saddam Hussein.


NoMoreCrazyPeople wrote:
Never ever did I say enything about free, I said "free."


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Yeah, that's true as far as

Yeah, that's true as far as "sucking it up" is concerned.  My girlfriend doesn't take any garbage from anyone there and anyone that she's buddy-buddy with are generally in the same boat as her; one happens to be a lesbian.  However, the economy is in the shitter and she has to try her best and if things don't shape up, it's legal action all the way.  She's been toying with that idea for awhile and I just told her to watch what she does and says for the time being. 

"When the majority believes in what is false, the truth becomes a quest." - Me