God will fuck you up

This song was originally uncovered by Susan very early on at the RRS message board. I just recently found a good video to go with it...

God doesn't like to be ignored. You better believe, or else! The songwriter's homepage: http://www.johnrbutler.com

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Hillbilly Atheist

Hillbilly Atheist introduced me to that song quite a few months ago. We have a long standing joke that someday he will get me to wear a cowboy hat. With lyrics like that HB just might win the bet.

If Greydon Square can turn me on to rap Hillbilly Atheist can turn me on to country.

I love the video added to it.



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That was beautiful. I felt a

That was beautiful. I felt a tear in my eye as we heard about poor Ray.

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Great job with the video

Great job with the video Brian! I'm still XDDDDDDDDDDD

I'm holding on to this:

I'm holding on to this: classic.

Fuck GOD

Fuck God

 haha, that was pretty good

 haha, that was pretty good

God will fuck you up

Usually you children are boring.  However, that was the most entertaning thing I saw all day.