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Tonight on the Rational Response Squad, meet the first official RRS poet Jamie Kilstein, who joins us to talk about leaving religion, his recent covert operation at a church, and to debut a new poem about religion. Jamie is currently touring the western U.S. Visit him on tour and help him as he engages the audience in provoking conversation about religion at each show, all while wearing an RRS t-shirt! Here's a youtube video of Jamie. You can also download this show right now for free!
Join us in the webcam room with Sapient and other RRS members to tune in at 9pm est.

The Blasphemy Challenge continues to gain strength! Next week Brian Sapient, Brian Flemming and a few participants in The Blasphemy Challenge will be featured in NEWSWEEK magazine! Additionally Brian Sapient was recently interviewed by Christian Science Monitor for an upcoming story as well. Keep informed of all The Blasphemy Challenge news here.

Please subscribe or make a donation to the Rational Response Squad to help keep us in action. It looks like the Blasphemy Challenge helped at least one young girl free herself from the shackles of religion this week.

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