Free Greydon Square song as part of Operation Spread Eagle


I find it mildly ironic that we are fighting the ideals of a group who submitted fraudulent copyright claims, and several of the videos attacking CSE have copy written music in them. We hope you all cover your asses in those videos. As a disclaimer we should note, that should any company have a problem with any material set forth on our site with regards to copyright, originating from YouTube, your claim is to be made with YouTube.

We wanted to release a free song that you can use however you choose to in videos addressing Kent Hovind and CSE ministries.

You can download the new Greydon Square song: Operation Spread Eagle HERE (right click - save)

We're serious, the above song is free for your usage in anyway you choose how to use it. We wont try to pull your video down later, EVEN IF IT SPEAKS BAD ABOUT US!

We only ask that if you intend on making money on it, you cut Greydon Square (add him on myspace) in to the mix. You can buy Greydons album online here.

You can also buy hardcopy directly from Greydon, although shipments are delayed right now: You can also use all of the music from The God Who Wasn't There movie for free in any video.

If you make a video using the new Greydon Square song, Operation Spread Eagle please post it as a comment to this page.

Greydons version...