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Alan Grayson975 years 33 weeks ago
by ClockCat
5 years 10 weeks ago
by ZuS
Christine O'Donnell954 years 31 weeks ago
by Kevin Wilslef
4 years 30 weeks ago
by mellestad
Obama gets four more years942 years 28 weeks ago
by Sapient
2 years 23 weeks ago
by ZuS
Atheism and Feminism - A Necessary Alliance?932 years 6 weeks ago
by Argotitan
2 years 2 weeks ago
by GodsUseForAMosquito
Private firearm ownership925 years 27 weeks ago
by Dogma Hater
5 years 24 weeks ago
by Vastet
Man With 30 Kids Asks Judge For Break On Child Support Payments903 years 1 week ago
by EXC
2 years 47 weeks ago
by Vastet
Define these terms883 years 21 weeks ago
by Beyond Saving
3 years 20 weeks ago
by EXC
Why are libertarians generally ridiculed?847 years 22 weeks ago
by ParanoidAgnostic
7 years 14 weeks ago
by darth_josh
"We are a country of God", Glenn Beck. Are we?824 years 39 weeks ago
by 100percentAtheist
4 years 37 weeks ago
by Anonymouse
Response to Iwbiek8113 weeks 2 days ago
by EXC
9 weeks 1 day ago
by Beyond Saving
Gaza Shelter Attack8143 weeks 8 hours ago
by harleysportster
41 weeks 5 days ago
by Vastet
The CCTV challenge806 years 32 weeks ago
by David Young
6 years 31 weeks ago
by aiia
How far should free speech extend?793 years 40 weeks ago
by Cpt_pineapple
3 years 36 weeks ago
by Wonderist
What party do you belong to or affiliate with785 years 25 weeks ago
by Big E
5 years 23 weeks ago
by Newprince
Ron Paul 2008778 years 2 weeks ago
by Master_Debater
7 years 41 weeks ago
by Zhwazi
Purchasing firearms/New assault weapons ban746 years 29 weeks ago
by Jormungander
6 years 14 weeks ago
by Jormungander
Save the world with a 3-day work week733 years 5 weeks ago
by Teralek
3 years 2 days ago
by Teralek
Washington State's I-1068/Pot legalization... What do YOU think?725 years 4 days ago
by B166ER
4 years 50 weeks ago
by Kapkao
Oppose Abortion and Support The Death Penalty, Hypocrite Much?715 years 16 weeks ago
by CuriousChild
5 years 15 weeks ago
by ZuS
I believe 911 was an inside job, do you?706 years 49 weeks ago
by skepticdude
6 years 44 weeks ago
by Cali_Athiest2
Police in NY return fire and get their man ....and manage to shoot a lot of bystanders for good measure.692 years 39 weeks ago
by ProzacDeathWish
2 years 38 weeks ago
by cj
Good Idea for Bailout696 years 26 weeks ago
by MattShizzle
6 years 24 weeks ago
by MattShizzle
Stop Wasting Your Vote! Find Libertine candidates in your area.668 years 35 weeks ago
by Yellow_Number_Five
8 years 14 weeks ago
by Eric Ferguson
Wealth Envy6549 weeks 1 day ago
by Beyond Saving
44 weeks 4 days ago
by Atheistextremist
The Conservatives are cringing at Obama September school speech655 years 38 weeks ago
by BB4_intellect
5 years 34 weeks ago
by HisWillness
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