Question about Incorruptables?

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Question about Incorruptables?

 I recently was in a discussion with a devout catholic and they sent me some links about The Incorruptibles. They claim this somehow proves god exists. I tried to do more research beyond Wikipedia but it seems that most of the sites are all heavily Catholic in nature.  Has any Scientific Research on this topic been done recently? Or is it simply limited to 1909? Any good secular explanations?

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There are possible natural

There are possible natural explanations for why dead bodies would remain intact to some degree. 

You might check out Mary Roach's book "Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers."  Her bibliography would lead you back to various researchers in the area of cadaver decay who have done studies on what happens to bodies after death.

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One of the things I

One of the things I remember vividly from Catholic schools were all the "miracles"... while I don't know specifically about this phenonenom you have to wonder why, if they have all this "evidence", the whole world hasn't converted yet.  I never looked in to this but everything I did look into had some reasonable explantions and/or the chain of custody was so sketchy they might as well have pulled the relic out of their ass.

Also, what kind of God would waste time on a corpse?  At least s/he could multiply some food for all the kids going without dinner tonight.  


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There's only ONE

There's only ONE 'Incorruptible'


He has been carbon dated to 15 billion years. 

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I agree

I agree!

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chuck makes me up chuck

incorruptable and incapapable of logic it seems as well

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I don't know,

I don't know, Pathofreason...


*I* was taught that miracles are not actually something to be sought after.  So...even if these bodies *never* disintegrate, I wouldn't put stock in Catholicism because of it.  (Of's an open question as to whether I was taught this because it's a matter of principle, or because the increase of scientific knowledge is explaining more and more "miracles" every day.  Were I a betting money would go on the second option, these days.)


If you want to look at Catholicism, I used to take a lot of theology courses from a Catholic college.  I'll be happy to feed you some of the juicier parts of my textbooks, complete with reference to the appropriate Catholic doctrines.  Of course, I *won't* be doing this with a view to encouraging you to become a Catholic....



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