Atheist thinks we should leave em alone

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Atheist thinks we should leave em alone

Im an atheist and all..and i love your page.
but you shouldnt try to change some people, or shove it in their face.

Why shouldn't we try to change them? If you had a friend addicted to cocaine, would you try to help change him?

dont hate people who dont believe what you do.

We don't. We care about them. If we didn't we wouldn't help them. We'd be selfish and use our lives for ourselves instead.

they believe in SOMETHING at least.

So, at least Hitler believed in something? Everyone has beliefs, the point is moot.

Dont you FUCKING HATE IT when they try to change you to christianity?


They feel the same way when you try to make them believe that their god is not real.

You didn't think I'd answer no. Considering that, I don't think your point is made.

do you in some way understand what i am saying?

Yup, do you understand anything I'm saying? Would you at least listen to our show on our myspace profile, which answered all of these questions.

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