I just want to give a lump sum donation (anonymously)

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I just want to give a lump sum donation (anonymously)

Upon background check I found this person to be a scientist(hence the offer for exposure in return for donation).  Here is some general info for the benefit of all.


Emailer wrote:

I do not like the idea of some pittance being removed from my paypal
monthly. I'd rather just give a lump sum donation. I tried looking for
instructions on doing this but end up frustrated.

Surely this is acceptable. And how would I go about it?
Also, if I choose this route, can my contribution remain anonymous, ie no
banner designating donor status attached to my screen information--ex.
"Bronze, Silver" etc?


Response from Sapient:

Thanks so much for the offer.

You can make any size donation, and if you make it in the next few days
we'll know it was you.  You can do so here:


 Also, we always ask before putting a top donor on the donor list that you
might see displayed at the bottom right of a few pages.  My signature
contains the list of websites that your contribution helps to keep up, we
just purchased a shiny server to help house those sites.  If you think that
there is someway we can provide you with attention on any of those websites,
we're open ears.

Thanks for the consideration,

Brian Sapient

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