You might be totally out of your mind if......

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You might be totally out of your mind if......

Holy Crap:

In what's apparently too freaky to believe, Christian evangelist Michael D. Evans has been appearing on cable news networks claiming that Iran must be attacked prior to 2008 in order to bring about the "end times." Yes. Major news networks are giving this guy air time and he looks to have a lot of powerful supporters.
In recent appearances on two U.S. cable news networks, he was slinging and zinging -- the well-rehearsed pitchman for the Biblical "End Times" was dead certain that "Iran is going to have to be attacked" before 2008.

He also claimed that during a recent visit to Iraq, he was told by intelligence sources that Iran had given the green light to Hezbollah to unleash suicide bombers in the United States this summer.

Mike Evans is a shock jock for Armageddon, a cheerleader for the apocalypse. These days, the bestselling author and head of the "Jerusalem Prayer Team", a U.S.-based pro-Israeli Christian evangelical organisation, is at the top of his game. On Jun. 3, his new book, "The Final Move Beyond Iraq: The Final Solution While The World Sleeps", made it onto the New York Times bestsellers' list at number one in the paperback category.

Evans's publisher bills him as "one of America's top experts on the Middle East" and "a personal confidant to most of Israel's top leaders." He has several bestselling books under his belt, including "Beyond Iraq: The Next Move" and "The American Prophecies".

Evans' latest offering -- 200 pages of text and 100 of assorted appendices -- is relatively uncomplicated: Iran is the biggest threat to the United States and to peace in the Middle East, and it should be confronted militarily no later than the end of the George W. Bush presidency. Under no circumstances should U.S. troops be withdrawn from Iraq before the mission is accomplished -- the mission being the disarming of Iran. The U.S. public has been dumbed down by the secular left and the liberal media. And god has been removed from the public square in the U.S., resulting in Christians being systematically "stripped" of their rights.

His prose is pugnacious, a style you might expect from a writer who claims that he is giving the U.S. its "final wake up call." In the book, and in its promotional materials, terms like "appeasement," "secular humanist God-haters," and "pro-Islamic radical sympathisers" are tossed around as easily as if he were playing catch in the backyard.

In one passage, Evans maintains that the recommendations in the bipartisan Iraq Study Group (ISG) report, issued in early December 2006, are a "call to appeasement -- just like Chamberlain's in the face of Nazi aggression in 1938."

The ISG report, which was largely ignored by the administration, had urged the withdrawal of virtually all U.S. combat troops by next spring, as well as the engagement of Iraq's neighbours, including Syria and Iran, as part of a comprehensive "diplomatic offensive" designed to both stabilise Iraq and to address "key regional issues", including the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Evans essentially agrees with the core group of neoconservatives in the Bush administration who were the architects of the war in Iraq and have more recently been advocating a robust response to Iran. He departs company with them, however, in that his analysis appears to be strictly based on his reading of the Bible and what he calls the relentless attack on Christians in the United States.

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And people wonder why we

And people wonder why we worry about having evangelical Christians in office, making foreign policy. Cry

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You really have to have

You really have to have faith to see the end of the world as a positive.

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Bush recently invited

Bush recently invited several right wing evangelists to the White House to discuss Iran. I posted an article about it in the politics forum.

Another leader in the evangelical movement is James Dobson (Focus on the Family). He too is touting war with Iran to his millions of radio show listeners.

Bush and his insane foreign policy visions don't need a PR campaign when he's got apocolyptic shills that do it for free. He calls them up and they deliver the message.  

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Could these twisted


Could these twisted psychopaths get any sicker?

 "The U.S. public has been dumbed down by the secular left and the liberal media."

Oh the irony of that is just astounding.  


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Personally I get very

Personally I get very nervous whenever I hear an elected official invoke god, especially when it's one of the people with access to "the button."

When our own President invokes god as an excuse to attack another country that just shows that no rational thought went into said decision. At best it's mere rhetoric used to invoke the masses to follow his decision unquestionly. At worst it's the ranting of an insane maniac with delusions that "god" is really speaking to him and dictating his actions. This makes me even more nervous.

To hear that such a man is now courting the very people who believe that the end of the world is a good idea and should be brought about post haste is enough to send me into a full blown panic. Add to that there are now people who have a plan on actually making that happen? I may not be able to sleep tonight.

I seriously cannot grasp the mindset where one would want to bring death to every man, woman, child, and infant on this planet in order for them to hurry up and meet their friggin maker. If these people are so damned anxious to die, they need to find a way that doesn't involve every freaking person on this planet.

I mean if they want to be viewed as righteous in their deaths, they need to fly to iran personally and walk down the streets of Tehran reading the bible aloud. Or go to any islamic country carrying a sign showing Mohammad on his knees praying to a crucified Christ.

If you want to meet your "god" so badly go get yourself killed as a martyr, just don't try and drag me and my family and the rest of the world, many who do not believe as you do,  down with you.

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Eloise wrote: Could these

Eloise wrote:


Could these twisted psychopaths get any sicker?

"The U.S. public has been dumbed down by the secular left and the liberal media."

Oh the irony of that is just astounding.



I have to say do any of these people read any scientfic lit. It's been known for years that education and religon has an inverse relationship.  What a fucking dumbass. (oh and i agree with you too).

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This is one of the reasons

This is one of the reasons why I'm not having kids.  Friggin' wackjobs, the lot of them.

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Surely it isn't up to Evans

Surely it isn't up to Evans to say when the end times come. Surely that's up to God. Right? Yeah?

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Jacob Cordingley

Jacob Cordingley wrote:

Surely it isn't up to Evans to say when the end times come. Surely that's up to God. Right? Yeah?

Well, these assholes are so used to speaking for their god and acting on his behalf, closing the whole deal is just the next "logical" step for them. Seriously, anyone who sees the death of every person on this planet as a good thing can't be trusted to wield a spoon much less wield influence on a person who has command over a large professional military and an arsenal of nuclear weapons.