The Rodney Strikes Back

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The Rodney Strikes Back

Hah, back to forum life for me, except a completely different forum. I'm Rodney, though I'm also called Rodders. I like to seek the truth in all matters, so I'm an athiest. I personally think that religions were just ways to control people by making them feel safer from false protection if they traded their minds away. Just as well, I think that any truly spiritual sighting or hearing the words of some spiritual being is merely hallucination, like the effects of perhaps magic mushrooms.

I used to be a member of the InvisionFree board The Kakariko Village, a Zelda fansite, but was banned quite awhile ago due to personal issues (let's say that I dated one of the admin and things kind of went sour at the end).

I'm also a guitarist and trying to start a band, and I'm really interested in writing some songs that express my thoughts on these matters, though things are going rather slowly with that, I only have one other person, a drummer/guitarist. And he's a Christian; however, I don't think he'd be against anti-religious songs, he's not very religious and rather open-minded.

So, hello everyone! There's my little introduction. Well....not little, but I have seen much longer.

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Welcome aboard man!

Welcome aboard man!

- Brian Sapient

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