What the fuck was God thinking ?

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What the fuck was God thinking ?

Alone as usual, God finishes His beer and lights up a cigarette :

- What should I do today ? What day is it anyways ?

While scratching His huge balls, God nonchalantly looked at the calendar : Day -1.

- Fuck it... I don't feel like doing shit today... Didn't I have any weed left somewhere around here ?

Like he always did during the infinite amount of days that preceded Day -1, God did what he does best : Nothing.

Unusually though, on Day 1, God woke up early, like a new man... Something happened over night. He had an idea ! He was going to do something for the first time of his life... He was tremendously excited :

- I will create other people who looks just like me, but without all my super powers and I will bully them 'til they die ! That'll be fuckin fun ! I will fuck them up ! Mislead them ! I'll tell them I love them and next thing you know BANG ! I'll slap them so hard they will not forget me ! Why the hell didn't I thought of that before ? Let there be light !

And there was light...

Si Dieu existe, c'est Son problème !
If God exists, it's His problem !--Graffiti on the walls of the Sorbonne (France), May 1968

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Hehe, great, this should be

Hehe, great, this should be the intro to all versions of the holy macarony book.Smiling

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   Yeah, That drunk


That drunk stupid god of abe lunitic, the holy devil gave us the apple, knowing we would defeat that fool eventually.

Thanks SATAN , our time has nearly come ....

Hail Satan , the bringer of true heaven ....