I cant resist being a daddy..

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I cant resist being a daddy..

Although Payton was a great cat and he will never be replacable, I cannot resist having a cat. I will be getting one sometime this week.

I have names for both if it is a girl or boy. In honor of misspelling Payton's name when I first got him. The cat I get will be named R.U.S. if it is a girl, and S.H.A.R.A.H. if it is a boy.

Each letter stands for something or someone.

R=Rodney.....A co worker I love

U=Unicorn....because atheists dont believe in unicorns

S=Spence....as in the one and only Bob Spence

(RUS will be the name if it is a girl)


S=Spence.....as in Bob Spence


A=Atheist(as in the one and only Hillbilly Atheist)

R=Rodney.....my co worker


H=My initial to my last name.

(SHARAH, will be his name if it is a boy.)


Certainly this cat will be unique and wont replace Payton, but I love cats and this one will be just as loved. I am going to be a daddy again. 



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Glad to hear that Brian.

Glad to hear that Brian. You'll be giving another cat a good home. That's great news.

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Great news!  I know you'll

Great news!  I know you'll provide and awesome loving home to another cat just like you did with Payton.