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New and enlightened

Hi all,

I have been stopping in here for quite some time and I guess it was about time I said hello in the forum. I first caught Brian and Kelly on youtube in their famous debate with Cameron and Comfort. Brian and kelly left them in the dust. As a matter of fact I almost felt sorry for those guys.... almost.

Recently I have seen some clips of Comfort in action on the street. Although he came across as sweet and benign during the TV debate, on the beach he seems like a crazy person. Forcing his message down the throats of passersby, engaging them in his own warped arguments. Of course, all of his belief systems are based on the vailidity of the bible as a "factual document".

I think I would probably describe myself as an agnostic atheist, neither believing in God, but not totally discounting the possiblity of God, no matter now how improbable God is. As time goes on, I would say that God is becoming less and less probable for me.

I have also had some chats in the stickam chat room and also had the pleasure of talking with Brian and Kelly.

Will definitely be coming back later.


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Welcome to the hizzle!

Welcome to the hizzle!

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Welcome, glad to have you

Welcome, glad to have you onboard sir.

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Great to have you! Let me,

Great to have you!

Let me, or any of the mods, know if you have any questions or problems.  That's why we're here.  Enjoy your time on the boards.


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Glad you decided to join us!

Glad you decided to join us!

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Good to see you,

Good to see you, threerandot!

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O Thor, another atheist

O Thor, another atheist joins this board. Call Fox News....What a shocker.

(note to self: Did I think that, or type it?)

Anywho, welcome. 

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It is a few months overdue

It is a few months overdue but Welcome to the forums!

Dig in, post , reply ..... have fun!  Smiling

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I seem to remember the

I seem to remember the handle....


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