Relating Jesus as proof of the god of Abraham is lunacy.

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Relating Jesus as proof of the god of Abraham is lunacy.


Just barking again ...  

Relating Jesus as proof of the god of Abraham is lunacy.

I see some credibility of a "historical" Jesus wise man or jesus clan of philosophy writters, simply because the wisdom there was over the heads "of the times", as the greek philosophy was "ahead of it's social time". It is said Socrates also wrote nothing ...  But how people today see Jesus as proof or a message from a god of abraham is very disturbing.

I totally reject the the god of abraham, but I can always defend that early humanitarian ATHEIST Jesus. Try me .

So many "theists" are like the bible pharisees who killed Jesus. How and why that bible story has been perverted into a religion of "Jesus Idol Worship" is indeed sad.

Some one asked, how often do you think about this god delusion stuff ?, well nearly 24/7. Ever since xian Bush and his started bombing Iraq for oil.

I think atheists should do as Dawkins, he even wears a t-shirt that says "Atheist for Jesus", while working to defeat the god of Abe.

The debates here at RRS are so telling, and just think if all the world knew .....( TV TV TV )

Theist Apotheon wrote, Brian, Kelly, why do you have this website? What is in Jesus' message you find so repulsive? All He taught was love and forgiveness. He never hurt anyone. All He did was good. But they crucified Him for no reason at all. And He is being crucified again today. This is so sad.

RRS is not against Jesus or Buddha. RRS is against the god of Abe and it's religion that "Jesus" died fighting against. Putting Jesus in his proper place is the repect "Great Jesus" deserves.

Ask a smart Buddhist, on world wide TV .... "some may call me a dreamer but I'm not the only one" ... the Beatles did the east thing ... and all the wiser ...