Debunking Christians, SHOUT AT THE DEVIL, god talks on CD !

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Debunking Christians, SHOUT AT THE DEVIL, god talks on CD !

Goal, debunking christians etc. Mabey I should introduce myself first, I am pc stupid, a lousy speller, type often in caps, lazy and quite the retard and a coward to boot. I can't write essays in proper form, I just rather ramble. This is the first chat room I've ever been in. I really dig RRS and it's mission. I made some recent posts, under the name I AM GOD AS YOU, which to my surprise got some negative reaction by even the atheists here. I've been trying to debunk my christian friends with the I am god, we are god approach. All god talk, all religion is basic proof of humanitys ignorance and fear which we are trying to over come. One method of debunking christians is introducing them to eastern concepts of God. ..... from christian to buddist, to atheist to we are god, .... that damn god word is a freak out ?!?!. Communication is hard work. Anyway I've been pretty successful. Jesus philosophy said we are god, thats my take on it anyway, and the buddhists said congratulations Mr. Jesus you figured it out. I am not here at RRS to find approval, but more hopefully to help and to get advice for the shared mission of creating a better world. Sam Harris is right about the problem with lables, and saying I am god as you, is just my way of not saying I am an atheist, which is too confussing to regular folks, is god an atheist ?, and JesusBuddha ? so I guess I am an atheist, I am god ??? Seems I got off to a bad start here on RRS, my posts not well explained, to much big print and caps. My post "heal the christians give them god" was a disaster, but I fail to see why, I was simply saying this might be a useful first step approach to begin debunking the hard core religious. Give them God, ... of course you have to listen to the audio book to form an opinion.My apology to those rrs replys, I should have better explained. How can I change my rrs name to lower case? Looks to much like I'm grand standing. but then again why not SHOUT AT THE DEVIL ? ....anyhow keep trying , keep caring, Love is our law. ye are gods .... no masters. Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful. - Seneca