Motivations to believe in, and worship God.

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Motivations to believe in, and worship God.

I'm posting this to Kill 'em with kindness -forum, because I want honest and polite answers. Not a trading of insults and mockeries.

I was wondering if there are noble reasons to believe in, and worship God. The not-noble reasons to believe are (for example) fear, guilt and gain. Some may believe in God because they are frightened of him. These people will also try to "save" others from the eternal torture. Some may believe because of the guilt of their past "sins". Some believe because they want to live forever, and their ego can't stand the idea of a mortal, limited life.

Some guy here on RRS told me that he worships God because he wants to honor his creation. I have to say, that doesn't sound too bad, but are there other good reasons to worship and believe?

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You're right - I didn't

You're right - I didn't mean it that way - if I did, I would have said so.

That's why I don't bother wasting my time actually debating with any of the rational responders.

Instead, I just check in from time to time and enjoy a quiet chuckle.

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rowdyyates2u wrote:

rowdyyates2u wrote:

I make a very simple statement that alot of people like myself believe in this ficitious entity called God and this fictitious book called the Bible. I made a simple statement.

I NEVER said that it makes me right - I NEVER said that just because alot of people believe in something that it must be true. I simply said that alot of people believe in God and a book called the Bible.

Please clarify and tell exactly what you were trying to infer with this statement.

rowdyyates2u wrote:
So let me see if I fully understand where you're coming from. There's this entity that you don't believe exists called God. It's just a figment of the imagination of 90% of the world's population.

Because when I read that statement I understand you to be saying through your heavy sarcasm, "how could this entity that so many people believe exists be a figment of their imagination".

Is that not what you are trying to infer?


Secondly, you need to check your attitude. I am not getting emotional but your reactions to my arguments are woefully snotty and sarcastic. I wonder why you are so defensive when we are just trying to have a discussion.


I will try to bring this discussion back around to the original topic.

Let's try this... can you please describe and justify a loving god in which you have faith. Please explain how you know this loving diety exists and why one might want to worship such a being, i.e. the benefits of such a faith as compared to the drawbacks for lack of faith.


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rowdyyates2u wrote: But

rowdyyates2u wrote:

But you and many, many others here enjoy posting hundreds / thousands of messages each day / week writing about this fictitious character and this fictitious book as if it was real.

You're incorrect.  Most of the debates here involve disproving religious texts and dogma.  To an atheist, your bible is in the same category that you would list Greek mythology.  

I can't speak for everyone, but one of the reasons I come here to discuss these issues is because I'm concerned about what religion is doing to my country. 

I'm not really going to bother replying to anything else since you are only capable of twisting my words around.  You've said yourself that you have no wish to engage in honest debate with anyone here.   

If god takes life he's an indian giver