President Shithole fucked his son over big time.

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President Shithole fucked his son over big time.


1. There was no meeting.


2. Ok, there was a meeting but it was about adoption. There was no collusion.


3. Ok, it was  about dirt but we got none. Collusion is not a crime.


I am so glad 45 is such a stupid fuck. Ok asshole, why no call to the FBI?


I find it hard to believe such a narcissistic insecure control freak didn't know. If a bank robber hands the teller a note "this is a robbery", but ends up freaking out and leaving with nothing, the attempt was still made. The teller is still going to pres the alarm button. At best Jr was unethical for not notifying the FBI about the offer. But that is bullshit. They were very willing to accept illegally obtained information just like Nixon was willing to use stolen property.



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 Wait a minute Brian, are

 Wait a minute Brian, are telling us that you are ....OUTRAGED !!!

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lol @ Dems who are still

lol @ Dems who are still freaking out as if Trump was about to start WW3 when it's pretty obvious his ship is sinking and he knows it. I always knew this would be an entertaining couple of years. But I had no idea just how entertaining it'd be.

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