Deism is just as bad an argument as standard comic book woo.

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Deism is just as bad an argument as standard comic book woo.

 Some try to scrap the old book but cling to "something" that started all this and stepped aside. Even Jefferson long ago thought the same thing. He saw Jesus as a mere man in the same lines of Plato and Socrates. But even he wrote his own version of the bible striping it of all the magic. 

But I argee with Dawkins, while it is better than the God of Abraham it is still a bad argument.

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Brian is so desperate to be

Brian is so desperate to be combative he's now going after the pacifists of those inclined to believe. Because deists are attempting to take evolution out of school and put in their god instead. Suicide bombers for deism are blowing up all over the place. Deists are over-running the forum, indeed the entire internet, with their religious extremism!

oh.. wait..

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are deists even still around?

are deists even still around?