Storage Wars is most certainly fake bullshit.

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Storage Wars is most certainly fake bullshit.

"Reality" TV of any stripe, and even IG can attest to this, IS SCRIPTED BULLSHIT on par with "pro wrestling" , which for a long time was falsely sold as not scripted.

If you have a public auction then it is open to the public, so in reality you are NOT going to see the same 7 to 10 people, week after week, win. Even Judge Judy is mere entertainment.

Bottem line, "reality TV" is an oxymoron, and only moron believes it is real.

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Yep... read the fine

Yep... read the fine print.

We used to watch Amazing Race until about the 3rd season. There was an ending episode where the white couple was WAY ahead of every one. Like a day ahead. Of course the use "creative editing" allows the race to look much closer.

On the final segment of the last episode the white couple got the last two seats on the flight to Miami. The lady behind the counter even said, "You got the last two seats on the plane".

The plane was getting ready to leave the terminal when the black couple showed up at the ticket counter. The lady behind the counter said, "I'm sorry we are all booked up". Then dramatic music, zoom in, zoom out, cut away, the black couple would have to wait until TOMORROW MORNING TO GET A FUCKING FLIGHT.

But no... wait! Two seats just opened up!

Yippie! It's a fucking miracle!

The hop on the flight and when they zoom in on the white couple you can see the husband mouth, "WTF? How did they get on the plane honey. She said we got the last two seats".

Turns out that, if you read the fucking fine print, the producers of the show can manipulate the variables and even cheat to make the show more interesting.

It's fucking bullshit.

I quit watching other channels like the Discovery, History etc etc because they are bullshit channels. They buy up documentaries made by independent producers and they push it out the the public like it was factual. That's why people are getting dumber. They keep watching false shows or they watch FOX news.