"Fallacy Files" now known as "Steamy Pile Files"

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"Fallacy Files" now known as "Steamy Pile Files"

Steamy Pile Files "Word games".

I just read another pathetic argument. For whatever reason my copy link function is not working on my brouser. But I will sumerize the argument which I have seen before.

The guy basically finds it hypocritical for the atheist to use the word "reason" and call the universe "reasonless". Which fails completly because they constantly take words and twist the meaning and take them out of context.

There is a reason hurricanes exist. We know scientifically why they occur. That is what we mean by reason and meaning. But in the context of the absurd idea of a magic man or magic plan, no, it is utter bullshit to think that all this was designed.

It is the same stupid twisting of the word "theory". Theory they stupidly equate to a mere mouth fart. But in science it goes way beyond what they do which is merely pulling shit out of their asses. Theorys in science are TESTED, not merely claimed, and prior data and shit kicking of those theories makes them fact. The theist cannot wrap their comic book worped brains around this completly different use of the word.

Is there a reason the universe exists? YES the big bang! "Is there some plan for it?" NO!, no more than a randrop can chose where gravity causes it to land.

All one has to ask themselves as a believer OF ANY LABEL, would you buy your own argument if someone of a different pet god claim were making the same use of logic to argue for their god, instead of yours? If you are not willing to give equal treatment to the claims of others by plugging in their god claim into your logic, then maybe the problem is you.

But what you will not get away with with educated atheists is missuse and twisting of meanings of words to prop up your pet deity claim.

So theists please stop twisting our words it is nothing but a steamy pile.

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