Social Deprivation Has a Measurable Effect On Brain Growth

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Social Deprivation Has a Measurable Effect On Brain Growth

"Increasingly we are finding evidence that exposure to childhood adversity has a negative effect on brain development," says Sheridan. "The implications are wide ranging, not just for institutionalized children but also for children exposed to abuse, abandonment, violence during war, extreme poverty and other adversities."

On MRI, children with histories of any institutional rearing had significantly smaller gray matter volumes in the cortex of the brain than never-institutionalized children, even if they had been placed in foster care.
Children who remained in institutional care had significantly reduced white matter volume as compared with those never institutionalized.


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That's an article I will

That's an article I will have to bookmark.  It has seemed to me for years that if we want to end child abuse, abandonment, etc. we have to start with parents and children and how the children are raised.  And it will take a few generations to see any difference.


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