Cutting the head off of Medusa

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Cutting the head off of Medusa

Cutting the head off Medusa

After years of debating tons of people and a variety of labels, I make this post for atheists especially to get a bigger picture of what we are dealing with.

Our species has always been ripe with irrational claims and superstition. My advice when taking on ANYONE of any superstition, or social tradition, always remember that evolution was around before that social placebo was invented and our species would continue if it changed or got scrapped all together.

When someone claims "this person existed" or "that person existed" no matter who the claimant is or what label they claim, they are still defending woo. Evolution does not require someone to be a Buddhist, or Christian or Jew, it only requires you to get to the point of reproduction.

Our social clubs in the forms of politics and religion are merely labels we slap on our evolutionary drive to gain power and resources.

In the end we have NEVER ceased to be the same species stemming from the same change in DNA over millions of years.

Always keep this in mind. No matter the claim, or the woo. None of our current labels were around at the start of our solar system and our personal predilections will die when our species goes extinct because there will not be a future generation to sell ANY irrational claim or superstition to. The species will die, and even the core of our planet will go cold and even the sun will come to an end. There will be no record of us and the universe will continue without us.

The deity and woo mongers are frightened by this prospect and childishly and falsely claim hate and bigotry for simply pointing out that the moon is not made of cheese.

The snakes on the head of superstition stem from Medusa's imagination. As soon as we cut her head off(not human heads) but the idea that placebos are a virtue, we can focus as a species pragmatically on the things we can do to extend the finite ride that we are faced with.

It isn't that irrational claims will go away, they wont. But only in that we must be vigilant in the ability to question, blaspheme and even ridicule the absurd, be it Ouija boards, or deities or fine print legalized loan sharking.

The goal is to move forward and maximize our ability to find facts beyond our own personal desires.


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