Discovery Channel: Science or bullshit

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Discovery Channel: Science or bullshit

I like to channel surf in the evening and I am constantly coming across the Discovery channel and Animal Planet, but I'm getting sick of seeing these "time slot fillers". WTF are these shows? Finding Bigfoot? Really? I tried to watch it for a few minutes and I'm dumbfounded that any one would inject money in to a show like this crap.



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I stopped watching

I stopped watching "educational" stations when they stopped being educational. It was back in the 90's as I recall. I miss them.

Fortunately the internet got really huge at about the same time, so I was able to replace them rather seamlessly. Smiling

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i miss the days when one

i miss the days when one could turn on discovery with a 90% chance of a nature documentary, or the history channel with a 90% chance of a wwii documentary.  if i see another fucking "mysteries of the bible" about whether or not the ark of the covenant was a fucking radio transmitter, i'll shit a brick.  then throw it through the tv.

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