Sweden Grants Religious Recognition To File-Sharing Church

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Sweden Grants Religious Recognition To File-Sharing Church

According to this article in TechWeek Europe,  the Swedish government has recognized the Church of Kopism as a religion, "whose main belief is the right to file-share".

the Church of Kopimism regards information as holy, and copying as a sacrament. It also holds CTRL+C and CTRL+V
(the keyboard shortcuts for copy and paste) as sacred symbols.

Maybe megaupload would have survived it it had called itself a religion.  

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 lol, so do people who

 lol, so do people who break the church's rules get Ctrl F4? And instead of baptism you get Ctrl Alt Delete to be reborn?


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Finally, a religion I can

Finally, a religion I can agree with.

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I hope this religion grows

I hope this religion grows and gets richer - and invests into some sacred servers in basement of their every church. I hope there will be some miracles of resurrection. We all heard about Megaupload, but I actually miss Btjunkie most of all.

I'd love to visit their sermons, even if they pass the basket around. Looks like a good place to hang out, full of computer-literate folks, as compared to churches full of candlewomen. Hell, it might be a nice place to have a wedding. If they won't get too orthodox and let me keep the genetic copyright on my wife Smiling 

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