My favorite Christopher Hitchens video

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 Wow. You can pick your

 Wow. You can pick your favorite? That's pretty good. I would have a much harder time.


It is an excellent video because it is not just slapping Christianity about the ears. It cuts them at their knees. That is their core message. Christ and Him Crucified.

My anti-Christianity standing was never stronger when I heard & understood Hitch here. When I debate Christians, this is the place I go. I can think of nothing stronger. Forget talking snakes & donkeys and Jesus' genealogies conflicting each other, the zombie Jesus, flat earth, etc. 

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I loved his interview after he had gone through chemo knowing his time was finite. It just totally blows away the idea that you have to have a deity belief to face death. He saw it for what it was, merely the end of life, not the product of Superman vs Kriptonite.

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Thanks for the post, I found

Thanks for the post, I found this one with Morgan Freeman...


I find that many people are starting to think this way... they aren't people of god.

But I don't agree with his opinion that "We take a lot of what we're talking about in science on faith"

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Yes - it's good.



Everything Hitch said - I think a lot of young christians struggle with the inherent immorality of literalist christian doctrine. They blind themselves to it, create their own epistemology that parallels deism but with a jesus module, or they become agnostic atheists. 

And ain't it sweet that thanks to the Internet, this man and his message live on in 'real' time. 

Nice post, David. 



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