Don't tell Mom, the Christ is Dead!

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Don't tell Mom, the Christ is Dead!

I'm sure all of you who were raised in a christian family have faced this dilemma.  My mother is not what I would consider a fanatical christian. Even though I see doubt in her eyes, I don't think she would ever openly deny her faith, for fear of going to hell or having to admit she has been duped her entire life. I used to just keep quiet around her about my atheist beliefs but not anymore.  Now, every once in a while, she gets up the effort to try and change my mind with some short stupid bible "fact"-lol, but I easily shoot down any arguments she has.  Even though christianity is supposed to be about forgiveness, ironically she lives in a state of guilt for her "sins".  So, being that she is my mother and I can't help but to feel sorry for her, I feel the need to try and help her break free from this rediculous and poisonous religion. But at the same time I think "hey, if that's what keeps her going, let her go on with her stupid beliefs". So, I put it to you my fellow men of reason- do I just bite my tongue and let religion claim my own mother as another one of it's victims, or do I shake her by the shoulders and say "Why are you so dumb? Why are you so dumb?" 

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 My general rule of talking

 My general rule of talking religion with relatives is if they don't talk about it, neither do I, if they bring it up I speak up, if they try to save me- I let them have it. I never talk religion with my mother because she never brings it up with me. My brother on the other hand is constantly trying to "save" me, so I don't hold anything back with him. 


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 My mom is the same, though

 My mom is the same, though I cannot perceive any doubt on her part. She occasionally questions me, but while I have been direct in the past, now I am a bit more evasive. But am more direct about science and things that obviously show fundamental Christianity is dead wrong. I talk in terms of how fantastic our universe is and how stars are millions of light years away (not 6k). Funny we do meet on common ground here. I don't know if she gets the significance. I drop an appropriate tidbit about evolution now and again. She knows I am not a believer anymore and that is sufficient for me. She is in her late 70s. I don't see any need to start any arguing with her or try to convince her her beliefs are wrong. It does give her comfort. My Dad died in 2009 and she fully believes she will see him again. I can talk in terms of being with him because she has a spot right next to him in the cemetery. I have gotten a soft spot for her as I have grown older and know I will miss her when she is gone. I guess I would rather pick on someone my own size.


Religion Kills !!!

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NO violence.

                      It's your mother and no one here can realy tell you how to handle a situation  that only you have to live with.  But you might ask her why god inflicks such horrid deseases on certain people but not others, Joe Stalin lived long and died in his own bed.  Maybe god likes Joe Stalin but not 10 year old cancer victoms. I too have relatives who are religious most rational people do.  Mine gave up years ago,  I simply live better then they do.


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