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All religions can be reduced in essence to revelation, that is to say, one person communing with ‘god’ or his agents to gain knowledge. A religion may be based on a singular revelation, or on a series of revelations from a string of ‘prophets’. Revelation is then passed down as oral tradition, which becomes written tradition, or, as in more ‘modern’ situations, passed directly to written tradition.


My question would be, is revelation a valid source of knowledge?

What differentiates revelation from imagination or delusion? LC >;-}>


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So far I've only watched a

So far I've only watched a few videos, but George Carlin is hilarious.  Thanks for the links! 


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Religion Kills !!!

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cj wrote:
blacklight915 wrote:
There's not exactly a lot of historical documentation for the existence of Abraham outside of the Old Testament...

Actually, there is absolutely none.  There is no way to tell one goat herder from another by the archaeological record.  Best we can say is there is evidence of pastorialism and no evidence of a formal government.

And pastoral cultures are illiterate. Writing appears only with the development of empires as it is needed to keep things working smoothly. Therefore the bible was not written in bibleland.


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