Is abiogenesis still going on, grandma asked

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Is abiogenesis still going on, grandma asked

I had a talk with my grandma. She recommends faith and prayer whenever she can, but provides no details. So this time I got some details out of her, I wasn't even sure if she has any opinions on the origin of Earth and life at all. When I asked local young believers about such questions, they didn't know or gave different answers each. So I expected my grandma to do the same.

It turned out, that she is a young earth creationist. Earth was created about 6000 years ago. Humans can not be older race than that, because they would be still animals, a few thousand years earlier. 

Science with all its geology and archeology is wrong and ignorant, because it is evil and dangerous, because look at what Chernobyl and Fukushima power-plants did. (besides providing light, electricity and warmth to millions of people) 

Evolution does not work because it couldn't all happen by chance. I pointed out that evolution does not work only by chance, but that it saves favorable results for later and builds upon them. So grandma retreated to abiogenesis. I said that there are many theories of abiogenesis, like in shallow lagoons or undersea volcanic vents. And that abiogenesis is a separate problem to evolution. And that scientists succeeded in simulated spontaneous appearing of basic building blocks of life.

I chose to not start explaining the amino-acids, self-replicating molecules, RNA and DNA. So grandma asked me, if abiogenesis is still going on regardless of life that is already here. If abiogenesis is real and not the magical god fairy, why don't we discover freshly abiogenerated bacteria in the sea?

Well, I don't know about that one. What do you guys think?

Of course, I was careful to preserve my grandma's faith, I didn't attack it. She really needs her faith for comfort in old age and I will not take it away from her.

Beings who deserve worship don't demand it. Beings who demand worship don't deserve it.

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And not a single thing on

And not a single thing on topic. This guy just likes to type, while making an idiot of himself. Repeatedly.

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