Homosexuality is natural?

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Homosexuality is natural?


I bet this has the potential to be a hot topic... I have nothing against homosexuality. I believe in freedom of choice. The reason that brought me to discuss this it's because many people don't actually believe in freedom of NOT to choose... and in my experience many homos are champions at this. People who have the arrogance to think they know what is best for you and want to control you, really piss me off sometimes...

Let's see why I say homosexuality is not natural...

- When I say that homosexuality is not natural I am merely saying that it is a deviation from one of the key purposes of life - reproduction and species perpetuation. Homosexuality may be the individual's nature but it's not the species nature or intent. I'm not condemning.

One thing is certain: we are programmed by nature to be drawn to the opposite sex so that the species can continue.

There are those who state that homosexual behavior is observed in animals too. However many of these accounts if not all refer to bisexualism. Moreover sporadic homosexual behavior is not homosexuality! We can only compare animals to humans to a certain extent.

For example: In the classical era homosexual behavior was maybe more common that it is today... But was there more homosexualism? We have to distinguish between sexual behavior and sexual bonds or emotional bonds.

I believe that, if conditioned, most of us, if not all can be sexually aroused by any sex. However contrary to common knowledge, sexual experiences don't define our sexual orientation! What defines our sexual orientation is to which sex we rather share our lives, our bodies and our beings for the rest of our lives! This is what defines our sexuality!! Not our one time or two time experiences!! 

A gay said to a friend of mine that a man who tries a homosexual experience would enjoyed it so much that he'd turn gay... incredibly she believes this!!

- What makes an homosexual? Is he born that way or is he conditioned that way? I think both.

There are many evidences that homosexuals are born that way. But there are also cases were environment seems to play a role.

Some anecdotal evidence seems to show that men who can have any woman they please sooner or later turn gay! Why?! Tired of women?!


The second part of this post is more like a relief from the crazy stuff many people say nowadays…

I know several homosexuals and EVERY one of them say to me that I can’t say I dislike being with a man until I've tried it. This is arrogance! For me this is the same as saying: "I can't say I dislike eating shit since I never tried it".

Many people today say that we have to experience something so we can have the right to speak of it or give an opinion. This is wrong for many reasons:

- First of all a reasonable intelligent person can learn from others!

- We have a limited lifetime so we have to make priorities. These priorities are for the things we want and enjoy according to our nature.

- For some things we have nothing to gain in experience them (death, smoking, eating shit, sexual behavior against our nature, etc)

From what I know of male homosexuals they are more promiscuous than heterosexuals and thus seem to focus sex in a more instinctive way rather than building emotional attachments… I may be wrong in this but that’s what people surrounding me seem to show…



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I firmly believe that

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