google and verison propose two-tiered system

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google and verison propose two-tiered system

        Well it seems that corporation will control the Internet,no more checking sites that you want to visit,instead a site needs corporate approval or you can use a much slower public option.  

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Risky Move?

Well then does this mean that if Yahoo or Bing teams up with another ISP or a new ISP that they will then become the new Google?  The only way Google's strategy can work and not ending up backfiring on them and costing them the #1 search engine throne would be to make sure another search engine cannot team up with another ISP.  I imagine that is what is contained in the fine print of any FCC docs. Seems like Yahoo, Bing or another search engine should be working overtime on this angle.  It could mean that they could take the search engine throne away from Google.  This could turn out to be a disaster for Google for so many reasons. I personally really like the Google search engine, but I think this could really go bad for them if another search engine and ISP sieze this opportunity.  Google is actually providing an opening and giving someone else a shot at their Internet throne.  Kind of a risky move.