making a stand

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making a stand

this might not be a general topic of discussion but i need some help. see I've never really believed in god. not that i disbelieved him more like i didn't really care. but over the years my family pushed me into religion and I've always resented it, a hatred of the belief in god grew inside me. I've study religion i depth and found no proof for the existence of any deity but all along i went with the flow so as not to be lecture or confronted about my dis-belief. recently i sort of "came out" about my non-belief because I've turned more to the view that the belief in a higher power is a weakness, a desies of insufferable ignorance the desperately needs curing. unfortunately i have trouble explanning the thoughts in my head. i know what i want to say but can't find the correct way to say to get my point across and i end up reassuring peoples belief. i'm becoming a much more active atheist now and i need help getting my views out. any advice would be a great help.


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Hi, welcome aboard.My best

Hi, welcome aboard.

My best suggestion is to read.  Read all the atheists books you can find.  Why?  Because every christian argument is hundreds of years old.  The details may change as our technology strides ahead.  But the basic arguments have not changed.  Reading a lot of different viewpoints on the same argument will you a choice of what is comfortable for you to say.

Also, search youtube.  Lots of atheist comedians and commentary on line.  Some one more with it than I am this afternoon will swing by and suggest ones they particularly liked, I am sure.

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Yea watch some good ole Carl

Yea watch some good ole Carl Sagan and a few Dawkins debates and you should be informed enough to stand up for yourself.

You are probably not going to change minds, but you can scare them into shutting the fux up.


edit: as cj mentioned, youtube is your friend.

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               In Matt.10: 34 Jesus said "...I come with a sword to cause Havoc..."   and sonofabitch here you  are.    For good information and laughs try the two links below.



            Why do people laugh at Creationists?



            An atheist reads the bible.





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Atheist Books

It seems self-serving, but it's really not, because I'm giving my new short story collection away.  I started writing it 30 years ago as a teenager who grew up in the Bible Belt, but it's really very much an atheist anthology these days.  Free in a wide variety of formats, courtesy of SmashWords.


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Hey there, Havoc.



You need to stick this in your favourites. It's the Skeptics Annotated Bible - the bible all with the bullshit highlighted and pointed out. Just read the first few chapters of Genesis - you'll get the idea.

It's good to know, as you read the stupidity, that this is the only proof they have. For instance, in genesis the priests describe 8 different ways god wants his BBQ meat cooked.


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The Bible Diet

In my upcoming sci-fi novel, we grow muscle tissue on scaffolds using stem cells, much like scientists currently are working to grow organs in the lab.  (Human ears on mouse backs, etc.)  So when we whip up FrankenBacon, the Jewish guy says he can eat that because it didn't come from an animal with a cloven hoof. You can't eat grits with chopsticks