apparently calling out pedophile priests is akin to antisemitism...

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apparently calling out pedophile priests is akin to antisemitism...

for fuck's sake, can this jackass really not see the difference between imposing collective guilt on the jews and collective guilt on the catholic hierarchy?

for one thing, the church is a collective: it's a fucking organization with an intricate set of regulations (canon law), a huge bureaucracy (the hierarchy), and an executive (the magisterium).  therefore, any guilt incurred by any priest while performing his duties (which pretty much encompass his whole life) is automatically collective.  if some fuck-up director of a microsoft factory were to rip off a bunch of distributors by not fulfilling their orders and tries to abscond to costa rica with the cash, and the whole thing were made public, do you think bill gates would make a public apology?  fuckin' A he would.  and bear in mind we're not talking about debilitating abuse that fucking scars someone for life here.

secondly, for the 50th time, it's not just about the fucking sexual abuse!!!!!  not that that wouldn't be more than enough, but it's also about the systematic, COLLECTIVE cover-up that also CLEARLY involved his holiness the nazi.

"I asked my father,
I said, 'Father change my name.'
The one I'm using now it's covered up
with fear and filth and cowardice and shame."
--Leonard Cohen

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 Why limit it to just sexual abuse...


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Does this mean we can start

Does this mean we can start slaughtering them? Or at least confining them to ghettos?


After all, this is a prophecy and it is our job as the army of Satan to fulfill it.