Hello from southern USA...

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Hello from southern USA...

Hello, I'm Dean, I'm a 28 year old male from Oak Ridge Tn., currently residing in Asheville NC, I'm real interested in philosophy and in learning new things and about people's various views. I hope to get to know everyone well and learn some new things. Thank you for your time.

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Welcome! Laughing out loud

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          Always nice to see a new face.  We have several phillosophy lovers here,   I' m just not one of them  --  too much of an engineer  --  , so you should fit right in.


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Hello! I hope you'll like it

Hello! I hope you'll like it here. I work hard to have as various view as possible Smiling Although you do better if you first get known with home team - the rational atheists, science fans, and so on. These guys and girls are a treasure for us seekers, there is no topic too intellectual or philosophic for them.
Care to provide a few more details? Married, unmarried, natural born atheist or deconverted, or some interesting stories? But it's OK if you save that for later posts, or whatever. I mean, we're curious at people too. I don't want all of them to merge into a "some english-writing guy" Smiling

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hey, buddy!  i'm a born and

hey, buddy!  i'm a born and raised eastern kentuckian myself, from a small town on i-64 between lexington and ashland.  i've been living in slovakia for about 5 years now.

i'm not familiar with oak ridge.  my mother now lives in shelbyville, so i'm familiar with the whole shelbyville-murfreesboro-franklin-nashville area.  i've also been to gatlinburg a few times, as well as bristol.

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