Up To Date? I Think Not!!!

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Up To Date? I Think Not!!!

Speaking of evolution in terms of whether Darwin was right or wrong is retarded.

Darwin is by and large irrelevant by now. Just like Newton is irrelevant as an authority on "gravity".

I mean... FFS... who cites Galileo Galilei as an authority on contemporary astronomy?

Where are the cyberneticists who think that Aristotle is the hottest shit in system thinking?


The concept of entirely losing the point comes to mind...


You! Whoever you are who has a strong belief! Keep it. Hold it close to your heart. Cuddle that motherfucker!

You may not be smart enough to understand that you are a fucking moron, so please allow me to tell you so.

You are never going to go anywhere, nor amount to anything. You are just some dumb fuck who lived and died.

Do you have a problem with that? Then you need to take on the real challenges and stop being a buffoon.


You can start by shutting the fuck up while smart people speak. Pay attention instead.

Listen. Learn. Figure out how that shit works before you speak and make a fool out of yourself.

There is nothing wrong in bridging the gaps of the mind with beliefs and assumptions.

Go ahead! Knock yourself out! What is wrong is to claim your personal views and emotions as valid.

Whatever is going on inside you is valid to you alone... and, in part (only), to the people in your life.


"The idea of God is the sole wrong for which I cannot forgive mankind." (Alphonse Donatien De Sade)