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Somebody's gone and made a movie about Hypatia. Looks good :

Hmm..I wonder if they'll include the scene where she gets ripped to shreds by a christian mob ? Meh, maybe in the Mel Gibson remake


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The wikipedia page doesn't

The wikipedia page doesn't say anything about her being an Atheist. Indeed, the history of her personal religious ideals seem rather hotly contested, if you look at the wikipedia page.


Now, far be it for me to just trust Wikipedia, but since I know nothing of this Hypatia myself: is there enough evidence to suggest she was an atheist that the movie will have to portray her as such, or at least as a sceptic or free thinker?


Or is her history enough in doubt that this movie could easily be spinned to be a story of a "deeply spiritual" woman, or perhaps even a Christian saint?


I only ask because ancient history is a playground for writers and movie makers. You can shape almost any narrative you want, even about well documented people like Ceasar.


So perhaps the question I should be asking is: who is the Director, and if anyone out there is familiar with him, what kind of story do you think he's likely to want to tell about Hypatia?

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