I only joined because of Kellys huge tits.

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I only joined because of Kellys huge tits.

I'm being honest.  As a male I can not deny the fact I have certain vices that grab my attention more than others.  If it weren't for those massive mammary glands none of you would have the privilege of meeting me and having my opinions shoved in your face.  Kudos to the RRS marketing dept.

I'd like to thank everyone in advace for wishing me a warm welcome. 


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Look at those nice fucking

Look at those nice fucking gorgeous tits!!!!!!!!!


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I am amazed no one put this

I am amazed no one put this one up....I mean come on it's freaking EPIC!!

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 Kelly, eat your heart


Kelly, eat your heart out.


Oh, and even more epic...er.

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Sage_Override wrote: Kelly,

Sage_Override wrote:


Kelly, eat your heart out.


Oh, and even more epic...er.

I just want you to know I am going to have to call a proffessional home restoration company to rid my bedroom of all the spewge I just shot off.

Thanks, it's not like I am Daddy Warbucks here.

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   .......for those who

   .......for those who savor breasts with maximum enhancement. ENJOY !!!

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thats tru very tru

thats tru very tru